Pune Porsche crash: Porsche Crash Leaves Community in Shock

The nation’s attention has been drawn to the Porsche accident in Pune that claimed two lives. Here’s all you need to know about the Juvenile Justice Board, from its prior bail requirements for the accused kid to worries about an MLA’s late-night visit to the police station.

Two people were killed on May 19 in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar after a Porsche, purportedly driven by a 17-year-old kid, collided with a motorcycle. The young person was apparently drunk when the incident occurred, according to the authorities.

Allegations have been raised regarding the Juvenile Justice Board’s leniency as the issue gains national exposure; initially, the board granted the kid bail and requested that he write an essay on the incident. On Wednesday night, the JJB withdrew the bail, remanding the juvenile to the Yerawada residence, which is situated on the JJB’s property, until June 5.

Pune Porsche Car Accident Case | JJB ...

Amitesh Kumar, the commissioner of police for Pune, stated on Thursday that the results of a test to determine the amount of alcohol in the young child’s blood who is suspected of driving the Porsche that killed two people are not relevant to the case’s ongoing investigation.

The police commissioner asserts that it is impossible to prove the young youngster committed the crime while under the influence of alcohol. Our case is that he (the minor boy) was in full consciousness and knew that his act of consuming liquor was wrong, regardless of the blood report and then Driving a fast car in a small lane might be fatal for some people.

“We are building a water tight case. We are collecting solid evidence. The police commissioner continued, “Technical proof is our main concern.

Pune teen’s father said his family’s driver was operating the Porsche at the time of the crash:

The driver employed by the minor’s family is being questioned by the police again. The juvenile defendant in the case and his two companions claim that the driver was at the wheel of the car when it collided.

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