Election Results 2024 Live Updates 

Election Results 2024 Live Updates Lok Sabha: Rahul Gandhi is leading in both Rae Bareli and Wayanad, while Smriti Irani is currently trailing in Amethi. The Election Commission will be putting up the final results. Also get India Election Results’ latest updates here.

According to the current trends, the Opposition’s INDIA bloc has made massive gains when compared to the 2019 numbers, already having crossed the 200-seat mark. However, the NDA still looks poised to return to power, already having crossed the majority mark.

Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad and Rajiv Chandrasekhar in Thiruvananthapuram, who is leading Congress’s Shashi Tharoor, are two prominent figures who are currently in leadership positions. Akhilesh Yadav leads in Kannauj, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi leads in Varanasi. Additionally, the NDA has been doing well in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, two states that could be crucial to the BJP achieving its 400-seat goal.

Postal ballots often turn out to be a key decider. After Jawaharlal Nehru, Narendra Modi would be the only prime minister to form a government three times in a row if he were to win back office. Voting was held for 543 Lok Sabha seats over seven phases and the majority mark was 272. In addition, today marks the simultaneous counting of votes in two states—Odisha and Andhra Pradesh—for assembly elections.

Now, all people of India are eagerly awaiting the most decisive results which will come out Today. Who would win the elections this time and who would be the Prime Minister of India, all these things have come to the mind of the people. And, it will be uncovered today. Let us tell you the Election Commission held a press conference on Monday, 3rd June 2024 at 12:30 pm to decide about the election results. Presumably this is the first time a commission has convened a press conference following the vote. Further, all parties such as INDIA, NDA, Congress, and others are expecting their best in these elections. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading the Bharatiya Janata Party and has an eye on this result to create a third consecutive term. Conversely, INDIA, Congress, and other parties are also expected to make their parties.

The commission will start counting the Lok Sabha elections 2024 on Tuesday, 4th June 2024. The voting for election in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh will also be counted on Tuesday which is on 4th June 2024 along with the other states and by-elections for a few states.

If we talk about the voting result date of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, it will be counted on Sunday, that is on 2nd June 2024. After hearing the voting result dates, all the people of India are eagerly awaiting its result which will be announced on different dates in different states.

As we know, the Election Commission of India will start counting the votes on 4th June 2024. Here, if we talk about when the commission will start counting, the election commission will count the votes for the state polls and general election from 8 am onwards. The commission will only end this process once the last vote is counted. To obtain the most recent information on the Lok Sabha Election Polls Results, individuals can thus get in touch with their favourite media outlets. Let us tell you all media resources will be active on 4th June to deliver every news regarding the election result to the audience.

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