Bigg Boss OTT 3: Armaan Malik Slaps Vishal Pandey for a derogatory remark about his wife Kritika; the pair gets nominated for the entire season.

The Bigg Boss OTT 3 Armaan Malik slaps Vishal Pandey. The House is experiencing unprecedented levels of drama. After a recent altercation, contestants Armaan Malik and Vishal Panday ended with Armaan slapping Vishal. Vishal first mentioned to Lovekesh Kataria that he thought Kritika Malik, Armaan’s wife, was attractive. A video of the contentious exchange has been posted by the creators on Instagram. In the video, Armaan runs up to Vishal and says, “Hey, what’s up? Is it that you’re not feeling well? [Tell me one thing: is this a habit you’ve had forever or is it more recent?] To clarify, Vishal says, “Maine us way me nahi bola tha.” [It wasn’t my intention.] Even more irritated, Armaan exclaims, “Tu to bolta hi nahi hai.” Tu to dudh ka dhula hai. [You never speak, you’re so innocent.]”

Armaan Malik slaps Vishal Pandey

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Armaan Malik Slaps Vishal Pandey

Then, Armaan Malik turns to Lovekesh Kataria and says, “Aaj yeh mere gharwalo ke liye bola, kal tere liye bolega. [He talked about my family today; he’ll talk about yours tomorrow.] Lovekesh asks Vishal Pandey, “Kya bola tha tere kaan me bas itna bta? [Just tell that what I said in your ear.] “Tumne mere kaan me bola tha ki mujhe bhabhi bahut achi lagti hai,” Lovekesh responds. [You mentioned to me that you think my sister-in-law is so sweet.] A short while later, there are pictures showing the two getting into a violent altercation. Vishal is then seen touching his face with his hand. Infuriated, he exclaims, “Maara kaise? [How could you have hit me?] The other roommates intervene and break them up before the two of them strike each other any more.

In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3,’ contestant Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey over remarks about his second wife, Kritika Malik. Payal Malik, Armaan’s first wife, surprised everyone by showing up on the Weekend Ka Vaar program on Saturday to confront Vishal over his remarks.

On the July 6 Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Anil Kapoor made the introduction of Payal Malik, who was cast off the show. When Vishal made comments about Kritika Malik, Payal confronted him. “That’s awful what you said about Kritika,” she exclaimed.  You must honour the fact that she is a wife and mother.”

One of the most talked-about Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestants is YouTuber Armaan Malik. Following the most recent Weekend Ka Vaar, Armaan has sparked conversation on social media once more. Following Payal Malik’s admission regarding influencer Vishal Pandey, Armaan spanked Vishal for breaching a crucial Bigg Boss contract provision. Although Armaan’s supporters have been criticizing Vishal for touching the contestant, the other housemates thought that Armaan had a right to do so when host Anil Kapoor invited them to comment on the situation.

Payal Malik was a guest on this past weekend’s broadcast of the show. She revealed the details of Vishal’s covert chat with Love Kataria, in which the latter admitted to being partial to Kritika. Vishal was also seen in another video observing Kritika while she exercised. He said, gesturing to Armaan, “Bhai Bhagyashaali (Lucky Brother).”

During the argument, tensions rose as both contestants exchanged harsh words. Armaan, unable to control his anger, slapped Vishal in a moment of rage. The other housemates rushed to intervene, separating the two and trying to diffuse the situation. The incident has sparked a massive uproar both inside and outside the house, with fans and viewers taking to social media to express their shock and opinions.

Bigg Boss OTT 3

Bigg Boss, known for its strict rules and regulations, is expected to take stern action against Armaan. Physical violence is a serious offence in the Bigg Boss house, and past seasons have seen contestants face severe consequences for such behaviour. The producers have promised a thorough investigation into the matter, and viewers are eagerly waiting to see what steps will be taken. EXPLORE MORE

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